03 August, 2014

It's the end, I think.

Well... It's the end. SA modding don't excite me anymore. I have to finish my M3, but I don't feel that I can do it. If you think you can do it, I can give you it.
I've moved to SLRR modding. You can see my progress here

10 May, 2014

Infernus R-Evolution [Beta - release]

Car completely done using standard San Andreas' Infernus.

  • Completely new, wide bodykit
  • No super  HQ engines like in other mods like that
  • Fully SA-MP compatible (not tested tho)
  • No new txd needed
  • No data needed
  • No damages (for now, it's beta)
  • New rims
  • Materials kept in SA style

Download it Nao!

12 April, 2014

Another M3 progress post...

I've remapped some interior parts:
And... That's all.
Well, I've also done proper collisions (indestructible bonnet fixed), and a flat shadow. I almost have release candidate, but I plan to rework some other things.
It's a NFS: Shift 2 BMW livery (bit edited, it didn't fit very well)

  • ImVehFt ✓ (and HQLM version too ✗ - well, it's ten minute work...),
  • do all parts damage-able ✓
  • do custom data ✓
  • get someone who can (and who will) test that car ✓
  • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom) ✓
  • rework some textures ✓
  • don't get past 10mb (with full damage, some overwork [super-poly] meshes - 9,68 MB) ✓

01 April, 2014

Smooth ENB settings (by me :D)

That's mine ENB made specially for old, low and mid end PCs.
 My specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1808mHz)
GPU: nVidia GeForce GT620 (1Gb VRAM)
RAM: 2Gb
And it takes about 5 frames when using that ENB (w/o ~27)

17 March, 2014

[W.I.P.] BMW M3 E30: New rim concept

New rim concept. Based on some old racing BBS ones. With three decals, paintable center, chromed out. Keeping in Group A - center lock.
What'chu say about that?

09 March, 2014

[W.I.P] BMW M3 E30 Group A - moar progress

Another things done. Well, I get my fancy, and I did some (still realistic) things, like red/silver BBS logo on rims... However, I'm thinking about doing this car four color compatible - one for main chassis, one for rims, one for interior, and one for... Seats? It's not bad idea, I think :)
Argh, it hurts!

  • ImVehFt  (and HQLM version too ✗ - well, it's ten minute work...),
  • do all parts damage-able 
  • do custom data - SA-MP version will come... Well, it wont :) 
  • get someone who can (and who will) test that car 
  • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom) 
  • rework some textures 
  • don't get past 10mb (with full damage, some overwork [super-poly] meshes - 9,66 MB) 
  • 05 March, 2014

    [W.I.P] BMW M3 E30 Group A progress

    I've made big (literally) progress on that car. I've done (with Tado Hamann's  help - thanks dude :D) ImVehFt lights, made it two seat, instead of one, removed, re-edited some stuff. And it still have less than 8mb's (which is straight laugh on modders, who say, that 16mb is because Project C.A.R.S. model :P)
    Well, that pic don't show anything new (except two seats), but You like them, so here it is :P

    Release day is NEAR. Be patient!

    27 February, 2014

    [W.I.P] BMW M3 E30 Group A (from Project C.A.R.S.)

    Holla, I'm back. All the stuff I've lost, so no new (for now) FM4 rims, no Custom Car Pack (well, lost everyhing; and I don't think that I really want to finish it) no at all.
    Here's my second project (first was TDI Vector, actually uploaded on Crowz's blog) - Group A racer old M3.

    • ImVehFt (and HQLM version too),
    • do all parts damage-able,
    • do custom data - SA-MP version will come... Well, it wont :)
    • get someone who can (and who will) test that car
    • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom)
    • rework some textures
    • don't get past 10mb (for now, on pic bmw.dff w/o damages, shadow, etc. it weights 8,8mb, so that will be hard)
    Pics (Zmod2 Pre-alpha v0.01):

    Release date: I don't know. I need to do all (or almost all) things that I want that car have, reach all (or almost all) goals, release bug-less mod. And I have some kind of hard time in school now, so... But when I have free time, I can do a lot. So all that modders complaining that modding is hard work is quite bullsh*t. They're just too lazy to finish the car/mod that they're doing. Maybe because they don't want them?
    Well, release date can be a 5th march, or 29th november...

    Someone good at making paintjobs needed

    16 February, 2014

    I'm leaving. This time it's more than crashed San Andreas.

    Well, I tried to update my OS. What's the result? All the programs, models, resources lost. Even my graphic card driver...
    I think I'll leave for more than two months, to recover, and gather strength for further modifications.

    12 February, 2014

    FM4 Rim pack - 50 piece gif.

    It's too big to show here - go to postimg.org

    There's two new models - Volk TE37 and HRE P43S (from Monster SX4)

    Off-Topic: I lost almost all of "Custom Car Pack" cars. I only have Impreza (almost finished) and 200SX (need to finish model and fix some bugs)

    04 February, 2014

    Biggey update!

    GIANT UPDATE of mods, that I've done from many games (BF3, CS:S and HL2)

    That's fixed M60 - scaled down many times, and this is it.
    PS: For weapon line and asi plugin dl the old one (Huge-A-Tron)
    Fast convert done for anonymous poster. It have proper quality, as a BF3 model. CJ isn't holding that "pig" correctly, but that's not by my laziness, but weapon measurements. Extra stuff inside archive (damn it, lots of unnecessary stuff). As always it has own weapon icon.

    That's my first CS:S conversions, Hitman's signature weapon and a custom-ish MP5.
    AMT replaces Desert Eagle (for standard and long slide) and Silenced (as name says)
    HK SMG 2 relaces SMG

    Downloads: HK SMG 2 AMT Hardballer

    That's the re-do of my fail/Colts. In fact it has nothing to do with re-do, but whatever...

    So, that's another mod from the game everybody knows - an knife which is available for "Premium" users.
    The only difference between this and BF3 one is that: this knife is held like normal knife.

    21 January, 2014

    L96A1 (Un-silenced version included)

    Another requested mod by somebody in Crowz's Blog. In fact he requested Tako TRG, but this looks the same.
    So, that's L96A1 from Battlefield 3 (probably :P), with silencer and custom sniper scope.
    BTW: It's my second try to do a weapon, using Zmodeler2, so don't hate so much ;)

    17 January, 2014

    Nissan 200SX S14

    Another car for Custom Car Pack. Next will be Skyline R34 and I'll release whole pack.

    05 January, 2014

    GTA SA Launcher

    Let me explain: it's a plain script to run San Andreas and Process Killer* at once.
    In fact it's a batch file with added icon and converted to .exe which contains lines to totally delete your system files and for better experience format all partitions at system shutdown - which is automatically performed after usage of Process Killer - pressing F7. to (in order) end gta_sa.exe and process_killer.exe and then run them. Why that? Why just run two files by one batch? It's simple - you just don't need to close process killer after usage, and also prevents bug with gta_sa.exe, which not completely closes, even when you kill the task

    BTW: I am leaving for some time, so don't expect something big in january

    04 January, 2014

    FM4 Rim Pack vol.1

    Pics and installation tips inside
    That release contains 44 high quality Forza 4 Lod0 wheels - not labeled by style. There are also some new models, taken from other cars - for example Henessey H10 from Venom GT (even if H10 are that from C7... Guy from Henessey Performance says that are those from Venom, so whatever) , or BBS RS from Golf mk.II (unfortunately gray).

    23 December, 2013

    Custom Wire Rim Pack v1.0

    A pack containing five custom wire rims - one model in five combinations.

    19 December, 2013

    [W.I.P] Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)

    Next W.I.P - the Hachi-Roku. In my, not odious style. No Hellaflush, no Stance, or something like that. But I'll try to do little camber ;)

    16 December, 2013

    Serwer publiczny Minecraft 1.7.2

    Tak, stawiam serwer. Ale jak narazie planuję postawienie go na jeden miesiąc - na przerwę świąteczną. Slotów będzie dziesięć, ale można powiększyć, wykupując kolejne za 6,15zł (SH5.27811 pod numer 75550). Prosiłbym także o wsparcie, jeśli dobrze się powiedzie, to jednak będzie to serwer całoroczny.
    Cennik w środku (wejdź w post)
    Kontakt: Komentarze, czat-box lub Skype: keejay98

    06 December, 2013

    [W.I.P] Peugeot 206 GTi - 99,5%

    It's mostly done. There few minutes of work left. Also, it'll replace Club - with 99% no opcode warnings!

    30 November, 2013

    [W.I.P] [CCP] Peugeot 206 GTi - 80%

    That's next car for Custom Car Pack, some mild, family car :)
    Ze specjalną dedykacją dla Patrynia27
    Setan's ENB on SA-MP
    To do:

    • Data
    • collision
    • shadow
    • SA-MP compatibility - in SA is NO non-tunable FWD car. Opcode Errors 

    On Danielius idea - FNF S2000

    [REL] Melling Hellcat

    So, Melling is finished for now. When you catch bug, tell me about it.

    27 November, 2013

    Any ideas for Custom Car Pack paintjobs?

    As in title: do you have any ideas for paintjobs for Supra, Impreza, S2000 or Gran Torino?
    Post yours in comments!

    23 November, 2013

    Melling Hellcat: 98%

    All the model stuff is done. Things left:
    • Fix some materials
    • Do remaps
    • Do all the data - the car wouldn't be compatible for SA-MP/it's physic would be weird
    • Fix boot transparency in some FOV

    22 November, 2013

    [INFO] Forza 4 wheel pack may come in further time.

    Yes, that's right. But not waiting 'till Tado move his a$$ - using original resources from gamemodels.ru, and some of old, nice looking tire found on free 3d on web. Actually it's 0,5% - I've done that tire and textures for it.

    By the Way: I'm back!

    13 November, 2013

    [W.I.P] Melling Hellcat

    When my PC recovered, I have nothing to do on it. What I do? Open Zmod, and search which car I'd like to do. Melling Hellcat - one of the fastest cars in the world (J2 speedometer - 280km/h. WAT?) which was made by MadDriver loooots of time ago. Now I try to do that car in better quality, BY YOURSELF, not to compete, just for fun.