30 December, 2014

Street Tuning Evolution


I don't know you guys heard about this, but there's a little big project going on.
It's about Street Tuning Evolution game, a sequel of Street Legal Racing: Redline game. Which was a lot better than many of car games from 2003, or even later years. Why? The reason is simple. It's a car game. And there, you can build your car part by part, from engine block, to steering wheel.
It also had some bad things, like stability of game itself - well, it wasn't stable even in latest official patch made by Invictus - 2.2.1.
And there came the community. They've did everything. From little modifications adding new rims, to giant patches like 2.2.1MWM or 2.3.0LE. And then, you could build your very own 2JZ powered Skyline with golden Te37 and Rocket Bunny rear wing.

03 August, 2014

It's the end, I think.

Well... It's the end. SA modding don't excite me anymore. I have to finish my M3, but I don't feel that I can do it. If you think you can do it, I can give you it.
I've moved to SLRR modding. You can see my progress here

10 May, 2014

Infernus R-Evolution [Beta - release]

Car completely done using standard San Andreas' Infernus.

  • Completely new, wide bodykit
  • No super  HQ engines like in other mods like that
  • Fully SA-MP compatible (not tested tho)
  • No new txd needed
  • No data needed
  • No damages (for now, it's beta)
  • New rims
  • Materials kept in SA style

Download it Nao!