06 February, 2013

An huge project...

The new project: Forza Horizon Mega Wheelpack.

About 100 rim mod for SA

It could be good mod, because everybody will find something, as you can see in Tado Hamann's FH Rims list.

Some more facts:
1. All them (or almost) will be paintable,
2. All them will perfectly fit in SA standards (sized on Matheus340 rims)
3. It will be my first mod, made only by me, Falken Mustang had an model from other mod (I know it seems to be stolen, but there's nothing about author, so I can't contact him)
4. All them will be HQ
5. All them will work in 100%  - I will to use them, so I need to know they work.
not like some of modders (I can't forget Booster Quad - it works, but model is lil' bugged...)

When I relase? Wait till Tado finish converting. When he finish I'll start making them.

So it wait about two months

EDIT: It will be FM3 MegawheelPack. Mid-Quality, without eating FPS

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