[SA] Tutorials and tips.

Common tips:

  1. For best effects use Hoodlum's No-CD fix (v1.0 US, 14 383 616b). It CLEO/ASI mod crashes, it's not because of game version, but other things, like missing files, or wrong ASI loader (Silent's one is best)
  2. Always stay up to date with plugins. That's why IVLM didn't work for most of users. (for now CLEO is best, because of biggest compatibility - CLEO 3 is just old, and 4.3 is very bugged, and sometimes it just don't work)
  3. Do some copies of things you're going to replace. It'll prevent your nerves and you won't need to search for backups
  4. IMG Manager is best IMG files editor, it's bugless, it have lot of options, very fast more files replacing system...

Modeling tips:

White mateirals bug (Zmod2)

You are doing car windows, using "Alpha Blending" menu. In Zmod2 everything works, but in game material is white, but with specular and reflections (if you used them). What to do?
Open model with Zmod2, check every mesh in properties menu (right click on mesh>Properties), then set Max UV to 2.

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