10 July, 2013

Foolest thing ever...

Today, I wrote post about editing texture to paint rim. It was ok, but for rims with locked dff.
Now, I overwork every rim, so that looked better (for example logos - pink green BBS. WTF?)...

Now I noticed, that when I make rim with "wheel" texture - that painted, the same effect I can receive with non-colored material with "sec" flag - but it will be paintable by secondary color.
Well, some cars have ability to change color of interior, and that will look ugly. What to do? Edit car to not have secondary color. Stripes, or body decals in the same color as rim makes some epic effect, co there editing is NOT necessary.

EDIT: Also, I can do carcols.dat with some tuning-a-like colors, like those mentioned in latest post
EDIT2: Or just use carcols from Car Quality mod (sh*t, but where I found it - on Inside?)

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