27 August, 2013

FM3 Mega-Pack Demo wheel: O.Z. AMG CLK GTR

I decided to don't upload it now, but wait for some free time and finish this pack.
But now I release a little demo of that mod: One rim :) Download in download section

PinkNotGay!!! Also now it makes sense, that the rim is paintable.

1. Rename wheels dff and txd to desired wheel - for example wheel_gn2 (for Import wheel_gn1 etc. Someday I'll do a list of them)
2. Replace  wheel_gn2.dff in GTA3.IMG and add wheel_gn2.txd
3. Open veh_mods.ide (/data/maps/veh_mods/):
 a) search for wheel_gn2 (don't forgot that's for example) and after this should be "vehicle":
1085, wheel_gn2, vehicle, 100, 2097152
and replace "vehicle" with txd name - wheel_gn2 (WITHOUT .TXD EXTENSION!!!) so it will look like
1085, wheel_gn2, wheel_gn2, 100, 2097152
if in the green part is written something else, just replace it, 'cause it's:
 b) Save and exit.
4. Go to the game and search for Atomics (if you replaced wheel_gn2, don't forgot that's for example)

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