05 January, 2014

GTA SA Launcher

Let me explain: it's a plain script to run San Andreas and Process Killer* at once.
In fact it's a batch file with added icon and converted to .exe which contains lines to totally delete your system files and for better experience format all partitions at system shutdown - which is automatically performed after usage of Process Killer - pressing F7. to (in order) end gta_sa.exe and process_killer.exe and then run them. Why that? Why just run two files by one batch? It's simple - you just don't need to close process killer after usage, and also prevents bug with gta_sa.exe, which not completely closes, even when you kill the task

BTW: I am leaving for some time, so don't expect something big in january

1. Copy all files from archive to SA root directory.
2. Run game using GTA_SALauncher.exe - you can also replace it with your GTA San Andreas shortcut (DOING SHORTCUT OF FILE, otherwise it won't work)
3. If your game crash, or just want to exit press F7
4. Ignore opened gta_sa_processkiller.exe - it don't (yep, minimally) use memory of PC, and it will reload after running GTA_SALauncher.exe

 * I am NOT author of MTA Process Killer/MTA CrashKiller (or whatever it's called). The author is MadHacker04. All credits goes to him.

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