04 February, 2014

Biggey update!

GIANT UPDATE of mods, that I've done from many games (BF3, CS:S and HL2)

That's fixed M60 - scaled down many times, and this is it.
PS: For weapon line and asi plugin dl the old one (Huge-A-Tron)
Fast convert done for anonymous poster. It have proper quality, as a BF3 model. CJ isn't holding that "pig" correctly, but that's not by my laziness, but weapon measurements. Extra stuff inside archive (damn it, lots of unnecessary stuff). As always it has own weapon icon.

That's my first CS:S conversions, Hitman's signature weapon and a custom-ish MP5.
AMT replaces Desert Eagle (for standard and long slide) and Silenced (as name says)
HK SMG 2 relaces SMG

Downloads: HK SMG 2 AMT Hardballer

That's the re-do of my fail/Colts. In fact it has nothing to do with re-do, but whatever...

So, that's another mod from the game everybody knows - an knife which is available for "Premium" users.
The only difference between this and BF3 one is that: this knife is held like normal knife.

AMT Hardballer (Standard)

AMT Hardballer (Long slide)

AMT Hardballer (Silenced)

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