09 March, 2014

[W.I.P] BMW M3 E30 Group A - moar progress

Another things done. Well, I get my fancy, and I did some (still realistic) things, like red/silver BBS logo on rims... However, I'm thinking about doing this car four color compatible - one for main chassis, one for rims, one for interior, and one for... Seats? It's not bad idea, I think :)
Argh, it hurts!

  • ImVehFt  (and HQLM version too ✗ - well, it's ten minute work...),
  • do all parts damage-able 
  • do custom data - SA-MP version will come... Well, it wont :) 
  • get someone who can (and who will) test that car 
  • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom) 
  • rework some textures 
  • don't get past 10mb (with full damage, some overwork [super-poly] meshes - 9,66 MB) 

    1. actuaclly i could test your models but if don't want to me test models then ok

      1. No problem, just give me contact (e-mail, skype, or something)

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