30 December, 2014

Street Tuning Evolution


I don't know you guys heard about this, but there's a little big project going on.
It's about Street Tuning Evolution game, a sequel of Street Legal Racing: Redline game. Which was a lot better than many of car games from 2003, or even later years. Why? The reason is simple. It's a car game. And there, you can build your car part by part, from engine block, to steering wheel.
It also had some bad things, like stability of game itself - well, it wasn't stable even in latest official patch made by Invictus - 2.2.1.
And there came the community. They've did everything. From little modifications adding new rims, to giant patches like 2.2.1MWM or 2.3.0LE. And then, you could build your very own 2JZ powered Skyline with golden Te37 and Rocket Bunny rear wing.

The SLRR game.

Street Legal Racing Redline (also known as Street Legal 2) is a racing game developed by Invictus and published by Activision Value. The game was released for Windows in July 2003. It gives you ability to buy your car, tune it in many ways (from tuning and not replacing  your engine - f.ex. changing the fuel ratio - to painting all parts of car's body in different color), race in legal and illegal races... And that's all.
You got eight cars, all un-licenced. You got VW Golf, BMW M3, or even Shelby GT500. They came with three variants of engines - I4, I6 and V8. I don't need to write, that almost all of them had their own suspension or interior parts. Of course, you can swap them.

But it didn't give you that big customisability. 
That are actual, 2003 graphics. Still looking good, isn't it?


I can write about a lots of mods ever made.
Tons of cars: Nissans, Volkswagens, Ferraris or even Bugattis - your daddy got Suzuki Liana? We have it too!
I've told you we got everything!

Same about engines: from little Brazilian VW I4 to racing V12 or even V16 going through Wankels and American V8s. Your momma got Alfa Romeo 1750, and you want engine from it? Here it is!
Same goes to more difficult, code mods. Physics, dealers, catalogs (because you can/must buy parts from catalog!) - it all was altered.

Clean and simple.

The new SLRR game.

The new SLRR game was in communities' mind all the time. They though about how pretty it'll be.
Some modders even made global modifications, like for example SLRR Flatout edition - giving you the Flatout feel with SLRR mechanics, or 2.3.1 patch by RAXAT, which will be released near 2025.
And now, in 2014 some guys from GOM-Team took things seriously, and made the first move. Now it's our part to make it work. I don't know how exactly it works, but if we pledge it up to 150 000$, they'll make it. 500 000$ and they'll make it even better. It's all about going here and clicking the big green button.

Street Tuning Evolution.

Quoting from KS:
Street Tuning Evolution is the most interactive and in-depth game for any auto enthusiast. Visually and mechanically build and tune your cars for open world street racing, drag racing, drifting or even showing off your rides online with friends. A massive online modding community and un-paralleled realism ensure Street Tuning Evolution is limited only by your creativity.
Our new game will bring you many new features without forgetting what you love in Street Legal.
Full car customization as it were before. Hands-on optical and mechanical tuning. Disassemble and assemble the entire car yourself to build the perfect race car.
We believe we now have the capability to deliver the most accurate body, running gear and engine simulation ever to appear in racing games. As each of our vehicles is constructed from separate physics objects with their own physical properties, we are able to include the following features in our games:
- Accurate simulation of internal engine damage
- Vehicles constructed from more than 50 individual parts
- Complete body deformation including flapping doors and other attached parts
- Vehicles can fall apart in crashes or over time
- Car-body painting and customization method including decals
- Real time and in-game tuning, repairing and assembling capabilities
- Realistic handling of 4 -16 wheeled vehicles
- Accurate simulation of the effects of air and fluids (e.g. water)
- Simulation of front, rear and all wheel drive vehicles
- Surface simulation parameters allowing for on and off road driving conditions
- Novel application of Dyno 2000 simulation based on real world parameters
For now, it got:
  • 330 backers

  • $16,543 pledged of $150,000 goal

  • 47 days to go

I hope it'll make it. I'll love to play it now, in times when all games went holywood.

Now, go here, and donate many people living the Street Legal dream.

If you can't, just share it. Maybe someone else will support it ;)

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