10 June, 2013

Another infos. Still

Tado Hamann send me an e-mail: he wrote that he won't rip rims anymore, 'cause nobody downloads them.

So I found new site with FM3 rims (yeah, Tado's was FM4 - but who knows the difference) in LOD1 quality (w/o some details and less polygons). Actually I've done two for test: BBS RS-GT and RE-Mg (taken from Mine's Skyline - I like these rims and the only way to have them was downloading a whole model); all paintable (final version won't have all paintable, just some in different styles). Link for download in names...

BBS RE-Mg in ZModeler2 - matte version with specular lighting

In-game pic on MadDrivers Starion. Rims are painted by taxi yellow in color two
For every angry "you steal" spammers:
1. I can only convert models in easy way, so don't spam that's Matheus340 tire and brake.
2. I haven't found any contact, so I think that models are free to use without permission.

PS: Can anyone help me with Zmod material bug? - High level addictive and low level addictive looks that same in-game with some normally working textures. I play w/o any graphic engine changes. It happens more with weapons :)

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