16 June, 2013

Rimz Project a.k.a. FM3 Rims Megapack

Quick infos:

1. About 90 rims in lot of styles (muscles, JDMs, or even rim from DTM)
2. NO PAINTABLES! But there will be a few different colors of some models (Volk Te37 - white, bronze, "Monster" green, bright orange)
3. Ability to have 48 rims in-game (12 per section, game freezes randomly with 5 - so, there will be four sections: Generic (more as European), Street Racer (JDM, modern Japanese), Low Riders (Muscles and Old Lo's), Modern Low Riders (Caddy Escalade for example :D). But only with SA Limit Adjuster (I have mixed 7 and 8.5 to max the effect - game doesn't crash). Goodbye ENB Series... Stock game have 17 rims. That's not big difference, You must to know how to change names :)
4. Actually I've done six rims:
a) O.Z. Racing Ultima GTR ('cause I can't find any other name for it)
b) BBS RS-GT (from last post)
c) APP Forget Alloy (from Zonda R - can anyone tell me the name of the rim?)
d) O.Z. Superturismo (DTM version - from A4 DTM)
e) Volk RAYS Te37 White
e) Volk RAYS Te3 Green (Monster alike)

See You Next Time.

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