20 August, 2013

Chat Box and Request Box

What it mean? 

1. Chat Box is made to TALK with each other about DONE mods (f.ex.; when I release it), cars, food, or advertising your MODDING blog. No "come bigger your visit with oh(fucking)belog" (the site which shit happens and will happen) and "Hai, welcome to my blog... [some time after] ... what vids you like" (Name of the poster of that post was Jessica - what you are doing second R.Tube that you need to know what videos we like?)
2. Request Box is made to REQUEST all the things you want me to do, cars, bikes, toys, pizzas... so here post all: "Please should you do Mercedes SLS AMG, McLaren MP4-12C... [some hours later] Ford Taurus and Mustang"

Why I done this?

gsjatt - the guy that may do pics of mine downloads
Denjel - the guy that end our conversation

That pic is not to make somebody worse - It's just example what happens in other people C-Boxes...
  • theguywho'stheblogis: Yeah dude, you can do it by... (some pro explaination)
  • theguywhodunnohowtodothis: Thanks bro
  • thespammerwhowantseverything: can you do an opel astra, corsa, omega, calibra, and volkzvagon golf 3 and porsche 911 gt2 rs and ferrari and fiat siecento and maybe m4 and baseball bat and [...] bugatti veryon eb110 and porshe 911 gt2 rs and also tunable elegy (ZONK!!!) and [...] some new cars thanks for advice you beste mod

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