19 August, 2013

MTT Turbine Superbike a.k.a. Y2K

Mine friend told me to do the fastest motorbike: MTT Y2K. Yeah, big deal. That bike was done only for Vice City - by autor, which name was written like "asdgfgjgkjhk"...

So, I downloaded it, checked it, and I found that the VC models can be imported by Zmod2 too, when Zmod1 can't do it (WTF?), and now I started to work with it; a lots of problems: bad UV maps, materials, uber-hiper-mega-shine, f*ked up normals...
Here's beta v0.00000... [three lines after] ...01 pic:
Normals fix try nr. six - still f*ked up :(

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