15 August, 2013

Late news: McLaren F1 Clinic Model

Fans of McLaren should know, why Clinic is that bad-ass. For those who aren't, it's faster, looks better, have sexy ass...

YourCreatedHell has done one yet... In one word: GREAT. All the features, side trunks etc.
I though that will be nice to do one - you know: tunable :). But this time it will be full car replacement for:
  1. Elegy - the most known one - a lot of mods for it.
  2. Jester - the least know one - I find only two Supras.
  3. Sultan - yeah, good, but four door.
  4. Uranus - second after Elegy, I think that it will be better if it stay drift-o-car like Silvias or something...
Most of parts will be just custom, and based on nothing, except one JGTC front bumper and spoiler, and F1 GTR rear spoiler.
The funniest thing is that, the side skirts nr.1 weights only 2kb, when JGTC bumper about 160...
Pics? OK, but only one from Zmod.
Sorry for weird door position, but it's because door opening angle
It will be for stock SA lights (HQLM), but if somebody wants contact me amd I'll give you permission to do this... But after it's finished, 'cause it's still WIP
Yeah, I have permission

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