16 February, 2014

I'm leaving. This time it's more than crashed San Andreas.

Well, I tried to update my OS. What's the result? All the programs, models, resources lost. Even my graphic card driver...
I think I'll leave for more than two months, to recover, and gather strength for further modifications.


  1. I'm not quite sure how did you partition it, but protip:
    -OS and programs in one partition
    -Important data in another

    It works for me.
    Btw what OS did you had

    1. Yeah, I had all data by the way you said (C:/ system, D:/ games and E:/other data).

      I've installed Ubuntu to try it. Everything worked fine, except fact, that Ubuntu partitions was un-formatable by Windows XP's tools. Well XP's inbuild partition manager deleted D:/ and E:/ partition.
      OS:/ Windows XP Black Edition v8.2

    2. But did the partitions got completely deleted, as if you didnt have these HDDs? Maybe you can do something with ubuntu partition manager.

    3. The think I said is called GParted or so. You dont need to install ubuntu, when you run it you can run it as a test.

    4. All the data, 'cuz Microsoft was too lazy to do non bugged partition manager. Well, I had to use EasyUS Partition Manager, but I heard that XP have something like this.
      Now, I will always use 3rd party programs. Even task manager ;)