27 February, 2014

[W.I.P] BMW M3 E30 Group A (from Project C.A.R.S.)

Holla, I'm back. All the stuff I've lost, so no new (for now) FM4 rims, no Custom Car Pack (well, lost everyhing; and I don't think that I really want to finish it) no at all.
Here's my second project (first was TDI Vector, actually uploaded on Crowz's blog) - Group A racer old M3.

  • ImVehFt (and HQLM version too),
  • do all parts damage-able,
  • do custom data - SA-MP version will come... Well, it wont :)
  • get someone who can (and who will) test that car
  • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom)
  • rework some textures
  • don't get past 10mb (for now, on pic bmw.dff w/o damages, shadow, etc. it weights 8,8mb, so that will be hard)
Pics (Zmod2 Pre-alpha v0.01):

Release date: I don't know. I need to do all (or almost all) things that I want that car have, reach all (or almost all) goals, release bug-less mod. And I have some kind of hard time in school now, so... But when I have free time, I can do a lot. So all that modders complaining that modding is hard work is quite bullsh*t. They're just too lazy to finish the car/mod that they're doing. Maybe because they don't want them?
Well, release date can be a 5th march, or 29th november...

Someone good at making paintjobs needed

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