12 April, 2014

Another M3 progress post...

I've remapped some interior parts:
And... That's all.
Well, I've also done proper collisions (indestructible bonnet fixed), and a flat shadow. I almost have release candidate, but I plan to rework some other things.
It's a NFS: Shift 2 BMW livery (bit edited, it didn't fit very well)

  • ImVehFt ✓ (and HQLM version too ✗ - well, it's ten minute work...),
  • do all parts damage-able ✓
  • do custom data ✓
  • get someone who can (and who will) test that car ✓
  • overwork a bit - make that car two seat, not one like Gr. A one (well, bit custom) ✓
  • rework some textures ✓
  • don't get past 10mb (with full damage, some overwork [super-poly] meshes - 9,68 MB) ✓

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